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CRC, Battery Terminal Protector

CRC, Battery Terminal Protector, 12 Oz. Can, 7.5 Oz. Net Weight

12 Cans per Case

Part #: CRC-03175
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  • Technical Overview
  • Specification Docs
    • Brand Name: CRC
    • Type: Anti-corrosion lubricant
    • Special Features: "Soft, Dry Lead-free Protective Coating"
    • Application: "Battery posts, terminals, hold-downs and casings used in vehicles, boats, handling equipment and uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), and used for computer, security and emergency back-up systems."
    • Standard: RoHS Compliant
    • Size: 12OZ
    • Container: Aerosol
    • Color: Dark Red
    • Flammability: Extremely Flammable
    • Specific Gravity: 0.727
    • Flash Point: <0°F
    • Net Fill: 7.5WO
  • SDS